Lionel 8, Lionel 38, Lionel 152, Lionel 154, Lionel 221, Lionel 224, Lionel 224E, Lionel 248, Lionel 262, Lionel 529, Lionel 530, Lionel 601, Lionel 602, Lionel 671R, Lionel 736, Lionel 1666, Lionel 1666ELionel 1688, Lionel 2025, Lionel 2333, Lionel 2338, Lionel 2343, Lionel 2353, Lionel 2383, Lionel Santa Fe, Lionel Milwaukee Road.

Photos, Photographs of Mt. Monadnock - Grand Monadnock

Our mission is to save, repair and restore Lionel Trains ranging in years from 1901 to approximately 1960. Our hope for the future is to create a museum for the marvelous old wonders dreamed up by Joshua Lionel Cowen. It is also our goal to become a service center for old Lionel trains. Our current desire for the location of the museum would be to locate it in the business district of Jaffrey NH, Home of Mt. Monadnock - Grand Monadnock.

Old Lionel Trains buys Lionel trains and accessories for the purpose of restoration and preservation. We are not a reseller of trains or parts nor are we an appraisal service. If you have Lionel trains, parts and or accessories you want to sell, please contact us. Based on information provided to us including photographs, we may make a one time offer for the pieces. Please do not contact us for appraisals.

We will offer repair services in the near future for those who want to get their old Lionel train running again. When this becomes available we will update the website with that information.

All photographs on this site are the copyrighted property of Old Lionel Trains LLC and are not to be used or published for any reason without our written permission.

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